A Beginner’s Guide To Not Screwing Up The College Admissions Process

This Spring, millions of students across the country will be deciding where they will be going to college next year. Their choices will range from the local community college to Harvard University, and even places off the beaten path such as Deep Springs College. Unfortunately, many students are either unsatisfied with anything less than an Ivy League University, or can’t even find a college they can attend in the first place.

With skyrocketing tuition costs and stringent admissions requirements at tier 1 schools, many students feel like receiving an adequate degree at a reasonable price is impossible these days. But this simply isn’t the case. There are thousands of colleges throughout the US, many of which provide good educations at reasonable prices. You could also take a nontraditional path, such as going to community college and then studying at your local university for another 2 years afterwards in order to receive your bachelor’s degree.

Ultimately, the goal of your college process should be to not screw it up, instead of focusing on one specific school. All you need to do is stay out of trouble and receive at least a 3.0 GPA and you should have a good shot at attending college!

There are numerous tips and tricks that I will write about in the future as I travel on my own college journey, but the main thing every student needs to focus on is not screwing up! As long as you put in a decent amount of effort and don’t receive a felony charge, a college degree will be waiting for you in the future.



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