Dealing With (Stupid, Annoying, Mean, etc) People

It looks like I haven’t posted anything on this blog in three weeks… Boy, am I lazy! But I’m back, and better (actually more tired) than ever! One of the reasons for my absence has been my high school Tennis season, which requires regular travel and 2-3 hours of practice a day, 6-7 days a week. While I train year round, the expectation my school sets takes it to a whole new level. And to top it all off, my coach is a complete jerk!

He gives me a lot of advice that makes no sense, yells at me all the time, and, in my opinion, significantly depresses the potential of our team. Unfortunately, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon, since he’s not breaking any actual rules. And when he yells at me, I get a strong urge to give him a piece of my mind! I could easily tear him apart and escalate the situation to it’s breaking point.

But that isn’t the smartest thing to do. You see, when a young man disrespects an authority figure, things end badly for the former, more often than not. So instead, I suck it up and deal with the situation.

When you are dealing with mean people, you begin to look at things through an emotional lens, and start making irrational decisions. You also think that situations and events are worse than they really are. After a confrontation, instead of acting quickly and rashly, take 24 hours to cool down and look at the situation logically. If you are patient, you will likely find solutions to the problem that you didn’t see in your initial haze of anger.

If you have to deal with someone in the long term, learn to work with that person instead of making your relationship with them worse. Be respectful. Find easy things you can do to make them happy. If they’re your boss, do what they tell you to do, or at least make it look like you are doing what you’re supposed to. As the famous saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

Have you ever had to deal with someone you couldn’t stand? If so, how did you handle it?




4 thoughts on “Dealing With (Stupid, Annoying, Mean, etc) People”

  1. I worked for a couple years as a teacher at a high school with a very competitive sports program. I was astounded by what the students would tell me that their coaches said to them… Of course, even my hands were tied as no matter the complaints I brought to the administration, nothing would ever happen. I am not and was never an athlete, far be it for me to say that harassing kids may not be the best way to motivate them!?

    How do you deal with people you can’t stand? By remembering that so many of the other people you have daily contact with don’t suck. 😉


    1. Our teachers have the exact same problem you did! There’s always a tug-of-war between the teachers and coaches for the time and attention of students. Luckily, I understand that my education should be my top priority, but other kids aren’t so lucky… Many who choose to focus on athletics instead of academics can end up injured or burned out, and once that happens, they don’t have any other skills to fall back on. I wish more coaches understood the risk involved in devoting your life to a sport at such a young age.


      1. You are right to prioritize your education. I used to tell my students who were having a bad day that “high school is best time of your life” is total crap!

        At the risk of sounding mean-spirited, the coaches don’t understand the risk involved in devoting one’s life to a sport at such a young age because they, most likely, did the same. They, once again an assumption (but probably an accurate one), are not millionaires like you aspire to be at their age.

        Perhaps another way of coping with someone you can’t stand is knowing you’ll get the last laugh in the end?


  2. That definitely helps, Miss Thrifty! I always tell myself that my coach only attacks me because he is insecure about himself- he brags quite often about how good he was “back in the day”… But that was a long time ago, and he doesn’t have much to show for it!


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